Oct. 20, 2016

Actually this 100% legit, I did it! It permits you through what is known as reciprocity laws of carrying.

Donald Cross Canton, OK

Oct. 20, 2016

For those saying this is unrecognizable in NC you’re 100% wrong. It is recognized in NC. NC has reciprocity with Virigina. This means that a Virginia LTC is valid in NC. My PA LTC is valid here also. Please get educated before you go on comments lying to ppl

Shizzy Felty

Oct. 21, 2016

Got mine

Joanna Voreh Adkins Rio Grande, OH

Oct. 21, 2016

Already got mine and carry every where I go.

Ernest Boggs Breckenridge, TX

Oct. 22, 2016

They are valid in NC because Virginia allows out of state residents to apply for ccw permits. We were told Arizona also allows out of state residents to apply.

Matthew Niblock Thomasville, NC

Oct. 26, 2016

I recommend everyone to get one while you still can !!! Don’t delay !!!

Daniel Garner Bishop, CA

Oct. 30, 2016

Just Passed the test the man teaching the class was amazing!!!!

Mary Blair-Harpenau Evansville, IN

Oct. 30, 2016

Got mine.arry everywhere except work

Farren J Kenda Sheridan, WY

Oct. 20, 2016

I have a conceal carry permit and anyone carrying a gun needs proper training.

Ron Paris

Oct. 20, 2016

I did this. Just Received mine. You can too.

Billy Weaver Louisburg, NC

Oct. 29, 2016

wow i got mine without having to go to a class i simply applied for one got my background checked and cleared and have it in my wallet

Albert Diaz Harrisburg, PA